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Normally, there is no refund for the Long-term classes. Due to the unique nature of the classes, it is very difficult to refund the money paid. However, WWWATER realizes that there may be exceptional circumstances beyond the  control of those paying for the course.

Below are the guidelines for refunds.

     1)  In order to receive a refund, it is up to you to request one, based on the           guidelines here. It is not WWWATER’s responsibility to notify you about the           refund policy.

    2) To qualify for a refund of all or part of the price of the course, the student in         question can no longer be employed by the “company*”. The reasons for
        non-employment are as follows:

    3)  Proof of the above must be provided, in writing.

    4)  The refund will be calculated from the date in which the employer notifies          WWWATER of the absence.

    5)  Use the tables below to calculate any refunds due.
         Notice that there is a non-refundable fee that is applied in all cases

*“Company” in this policy means an individual business location or municipality.


Refund Policy


    6)  In lieu of the refund, Substitutions may be allowed for  a student who is no          longer employed by the “company”, as per the requirements above.

    7)  It is up to WWWATER whether to accept or reject refund/substitution         requests.
          WWWATER reserves the right to accept, modify, or reject any
         and all requests for any reason.

    8)  This policy may be terminated, modified or changed at any time, without          notice.